Astrology and the Games People Play: A tool for Self Understanding in Work and Relationships


First, without Joan McEvers publishing my first effort in Transactional Astrology analysis as a chapter in THE WEB OF RELATIONSHIPS, this book might not have been written. Without Marion March as my teacher during my formative years, I would not have had the astrological drive to take new ideas seriously. I want to thank L.A.'S NCGR Chapter for listening to and critiquing the early versions of this concept. Arthyr Chadbourne gave me the benefits of his many years as an astrologer. Leigh Tobias, who is both an astrologer and a practicing psychologist, read and commented on all of the drafts.

To Leigh I owe a special debt for all the details she pointed out.

Finally, to Paul Ingram, the graphic designer, for all the new and different charts, especially the family circle.





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