Astrology and the Games People Play: A tool for Self Understanding in Work and Relationships

Introduction: Discovering Transactional Astrology

There is a rainbow bridge
where healing knowledge
finds golden understanding.
It starts as fire in the heavens
and ends smoldering in you --
a child of a star burst.

"I did it!" Angelica's voice rang clear on the phone." I told Rick that if he wasn't going to treat me right to take a hike. I feel so good, Spencer. My inner moon/child thanks you. I'm going to find a man who can love me." Angelica had been working a personal Transactional Astrology program for three months. She started knowing little of either psychology or astrology.

At first glance, astrology looks easy. You erect a chart which shows the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time of a person's birth. From these fundamental points of planetary energy, one can build a mosaic reflecting a kaleidoscope of insight. However, this ancient star craft can become more and more complex. There is a specialized vocabulary like ''grand trines, T squares, yods, learning triangles, grand crosses, transits and progressions,'' to name a few. In depth astrology requires long and serious study.

As an astrologer I have been constantly aware of the difficulty communicating simple astrological concepts.
Explaining the ''ABCS'' of the natal chart to beginners is tricky work. Even the fundamentals are sometimes hard to get across and take a host of teaching skills.

Transactional Astrology, the subject of this book, was born while trying to teach some rudimentary astrological insights to a client who was struggling to understand her natal chart. Angelica was a sincere young woman who had come for a personal consultation. She knew nothing of astrology and could not seem to grasp what I was trying to communicate. It was Greek to her. What could do?

My stress level was rising, for I pride myself on being clear and patient. With Angelica looking at me with the glassy eyes of incomprehension, I feverishly racked my brain. I wanted her to get an understanding about what astrology was saying about her inner child. She needed to see that an inner fear was holding her back, something she'd experienced while very young had established a repetitive and restrictive pattern, undermining her adulthood.

Suddenly on a hunch I asked her, ''Do you know how some psychologists depict the personality by using three rings to represent the Parent, Adult and Child in our minds?'' Angelica nodded yes, a small glimmer of comprehension was starting. We had found something as a reference. ''Wel1," I continued taking a sheet of paper and drawing three circles. See Figure 1. ''What if we said your moon was a symbol of your inner child, the Sun was your adults and Saturn was your parent."

Angelica looked at the rings with great interest. She was starting to ''get'' my presentation of the astrological materials.
Seizing the moment, I went on. ''When we add the other planets which aspect or relate to your moon, look what happens to your moon or inner child. See how it is 'over loaded, trying to do too much.'' With a knowing flourish I finished this quick diagram, which she studied. See Figure 2. Suddenly Angelica was very animated. She got my point! The key was the Inner Child.

Angelica understood the three ring model used in popular psychology to depict three basic ego states, the Parent, Adult and Child. She recalled she had read an article in a woman's magazine which utilized the three tier graphic. This formed a bridge by which Angelica went on to understand my point about how her inner child had been restricted. She worked on the issues of nurturing her inner child This insight enabled her to great strides towards taking control of her life. She was more successful at her work and stopped dating abusive men.

After discovering this method of Transactional Astrology with Angelica, I started testing my three ring innovation with other ''astrology-naive'' clients. They, too, responded to seeing astrology presented in a framework that they could easily visualize. However, I was suspicious of my success for I distrusted the ''purity'. of the three circle approach. The big circle of the Zodiac--that was the ''real astrology.'' Nevertheless, 8 when I was stuck for ways to communicate astrology to beginning clients , out would come the three circles of the Transactional Astrology approach - Inevitably a reciprocal chord would be struck and the client would start responding to the themes of my consultation.


This book will teach you to use the proven skills of Transactional Astrology to expand your self awareness and personal growth. It will enable you to combine simple astrological information with rudimentary modern psychology and gain insights about yourselves and your loved ones. The key to the success of this method, of course, lies in the loose and affectionate marriage of the three ring graphics of the theory of ego states and the esoteric and symbolic depths of the Zodiac.
This book is entitled ASTROLOGY AND THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY because our public temperament is often the result of an inner drama or game played by three major personas: the Parent, Adult and Child. Personal expression is a tug a war of inner ''sub" personalities whose interaction or game playing falls into patterns which can be studied and modified to achieve growth and personal goals.

What is unusual about this book is that it uses simple astrological and psychological principles to create an accurate and meaningful symbol picture of the energy patterns in your personality. A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. If someone takes a polaroid and your hair is messed up or your clothes are hanging funny, you see it instantly. It is self explanatory.

Similarly, when you construct an Transactiional picture, the strengths and weakness of your Adult, Child and Parent become instantly delineated . It practically interprets itself .

The goal of this book is not only to teach you how to construct a Transactional Chart, but to discover ways to work self healing in those areas where healing may be needed. One of my reservations about much of psychological therapy is that it is just verbal. We learn to talk about our problems but often miss the healing. have had clients who have been in ''talk'' therapy for years and were still manifesting the same destructive behavior. Consider Karen's case. Karen was very articulate about why she had her problems, but still continued to manifest her negative behavior. However by doing the diary exercises based on Transactional Astrology , she began to actually make substantial progress. Through her work with self-healing activities, she created meaningful internal dialogue and gave vent to frustrations in a variety of hurt feelings. She achieved personal growth and maturity because she was willing to roll up her sleeves and address the opposing energies that were troubling her. As one client put it, ''You gotta dig for the gold, all the time throwing out the dirt.

Transactional Astrology is also a very useful tool for evaluating love relationships, and the ''sub'' personas involved. What are the respective strengths of each individual's personality? How will we interact? What games with he play? Is this person right for me? love? These Can he give? Will she be competitive? Can he accept questions are graphically answered by the Transactional Astrological chart comparison techniques.

Actually, taking a look at the Transactional Astrology personality charts of anyone one in your life your boss, friends, family, and others can provide insight into their inner dynamics and give you keys to successful interaction. Having such a tool at your disposal can open new doors to understanding the people in your life. Such a tool can bring new harmony and attainment into your life.

For greatest results, use this book as a personal manual. Keep notes. Jot down what works and what doesn't work for you.
Note the exercises which gave you the greatest help, which the least. Invent exercises of your own, personalize the process so that it works for you. Feel free to write and let me know about your progress, about how things are going for you. Think of me as an uncle who will listen to you with affection.

Finally, as you read this book, imagine that a personal healing is like catching a fish when you are hungry. Now see that Transactional Astrology is like a net, a metaphorical net you can cast upon the waters of your mind. It enables you to draw living symbols from the depths of your consciousness. It will enable you to catch that fish, that personal healing--which will enable you to nourish and to rejuvenate yourself. To do this, however, you cast your net upon the water. You must work your process. You must tend your nets. Happy fishing.



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